Rental Equipment Attachments

NOTE: Additional Trucks, Equipment, Attachments and Services are available as shown here.

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Item Rate/Hr Rate/Day
Compaction Wheels 12" and 18" $15.00 $105.00
Breaker 1,500 ft-lb $190.00 -
&Specialty Buckets 8", 15", 16", 30", 4' and 5' Avail. on Request
Trucks & Transport Services
10 Wheel Dump Truck $130.00 -
Truck and Pup or End Dump $???.00* -
Dump Fees & Rates subject to Dump Fees per load $275-$325.00 per load
Lowbed Service $175.00** -
*Subject to fees of the dump site available.
**Time charged Portal-to-Portal w/ 2-hour minimum
Terms & Conditions
This web site and all rates and conditions are stated for use in southern California. Other rates and conditions may apply outside our normal area of operation. Please contact us for information.
All jobs carry a six-hour minimum charge and a move in fee. There is no move out fee.
All invoices are due within 30 days of the invoice date, unless billed C.O.D.
All accounts 60 days past due will automatically become C.O.D. All subsequent jobs will require payment at the completion of the job unless prior arrangements have been made. All invoices that are 60 days past due will be subject to an additional 2% per month interest fee billed on the past due balance.
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