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Employment Application & Information

Job Positions

American Bobcat & Backhoe Service is always looking for a qualified Operators. Currently we may or may not be hiring. But leave us an application as things change quickly. Please, contact the office for current hiring status.

We accept applications for Bobcat, Backhoe, and Low-bed Operators with a minimum of 5 years experience.

If you are interested in employment with us, please read through our Pre-Employment Agreement (below) then contact us for an application form.

Pre-Employment Agreement

American Bobcat & Backhoe is an 'at will' employer.


I will respond to the needs of American Bobcat & Backhoe's (herein after known as American's) clients in a timely, helpful and proactive manner and will demonstrate professional communication, listening and problem solving skills and I will perform as a team member in partnership with American's clients and other trades and coworkers.


As an operator for American I will be knowledgeable about American's equipment and jobsite conditions. I will be aware of and diligent in regard to the proper use, maintenance and repair of equipment I am using or which is in my care or which may effect my work or the team's work. I will be mindful of all safety rules, regulations and safe practices and company policies and principals. I understand that I have a right and an obligation to shut down a job when working conditions become unsafe according to Federal, State, OSHA, and American's guidelines and rules.

Cooperation & Teamwork

As one of American's operators I will share information and knowledge with other operators, peers and coworkers regarding techniques and skills for operating accuracy and speed.

Operator's Basic Duties

  1. Arrive, at least, 15 minutes prior to the start-of-work time.
  2. Check all fluid levels prior to starting equipment.
  3. Properly warm up equipment prior to starting work.
  4. Lubricate and fuel equipment at the end of the workday.
  5. Fully service equipment at regular intervals of no more than 250 hours for backhoes and 200 hours for Bobcats or the manufacturer's regular recommended service interval, if less than the herein stated regular intervals, or verify that the equipment has been serviced by other American coworkers in accordance with the regular intervals.
  6. Carry all the personal tools needed for everyday maintenance and to change common attachments or accessories.
  7. Be able to lift and carry at least 50 lbs. without difficulty.
  8. Be able to read grade stakes and check grade.
  9. Be able to use a shovel to locate underground utilities.
  10. Be able to enter and exit equipment several times per day without difficulty.
  11. Be able to take direction from others.
  12. Know, understand and adhere to all safety rules.
  13. Communicate with the dispatcher or office staff by noon of each workday.
  14. Be able to communicate effectively with customers, coworkers and job site personnel.
  15. Wear a hard hat, long pants, sleeved shirt, work boots and safety glasses.
  16. Be clean and presentable in clothing and person.

Each employee is required to sign a copy of the Pre-Employment Agreement. A printer friendly version is available via this link. You may also request a copy from our office (contact info is on the Contacts) page.

Company Goals & Mission Statement

Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide the highest quality and skilled workmanship within the safest possible working conditions with positive, helpful, and constructive attitudes and a team spirit that generates competence, reliability, and profitability for our customers and our company.

Company Goals

  • We will respond to the needs of our clients in a timely, helpful, and proactive manner.
  • We will demonstrate professional communication, listening, and problem solving skills.
  • We will perform as a team in partnership with our clients, other trades, and our coworkers.

Work Environment

  • Our operators will be knowledgeable about their equipment and with jobsite conditions.
  • They will be aware and diligent with regard to repairs and maintenance of their equipment.
  • They will be mindful of all safety rules, regulations, and safe practices on the job site's with the authority, based on our company principles, to shut the job down for unsafe working conditions.
  • Our operators will share information and knowledge amongst themselves and their peers regarding new techniques and skills for operating accuracy and speed.